Howdy Ho, Buddy!

I'm hannibal and this is my page! I'm 21, a trans dude (hy/hym, but he/him is fine), and I'm kind of all over the place!I'm reallypredictable in that I love anime/manga, dramas, horror movies/books, webcomics/novels and kids cartoons! I'm autistic and have some nifty special interests like adult cartoons and religion! here's my site :)

I'm still working on my HTML so please be patient with me! check out my links if you want to see me on other sites! in-site links below, just scroll1!

p.s. I'm a writer and artist, both original stuff and fan content! If you like my stuff, maybe check out my commissions *wink wonk*.

personal my about, social links and things I make, like essays and journaling
shrines literally anyone listen to me talk about the things i love i am a simple man and i love to info/photodump
fun stuff links to games, media, art and fun stuff to kill time on
recources code, pixels, language learning, tutorials and information! if i think it sounds helpful, I'll add it.
other blogs just other blogs i like :) not restricted to just neocities, btw! check thes people out, they seem cool.
collections All the little whats it calleds i collect on the internet :) pixels and bishies and whatever

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